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The lifeblood of the New Orleans Chapter is volunteer Krewe Members.  We have four Krewes to choose from and each will offer opportunities for you to utilize your skills,  gain exposure, learn something new, and enhance your career.  

For those of you new to the area click here to learn more about what a Krewe is and the impact it has on an organization. ATD New Orleans is managed and supported by volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a member of a Krewe and volunteering please send an email to

Supports the membership team in various aspects of recruiting, retaining, and recognizing Chapter members as needed. Welcomes guests at Chapter events and through direct communication.  Reaches out to members at renewal to gauge their satisfaction and encourage membership renewal. 
Identifies locations for meetings and events, arranges food and snacks, audio/visual, and parking logistics for each event.  Sources and contracts event speakers. Acts as the host and assists during virtual events.  


Creates Chapter communication pieces including emails, social media, website pages, publicity pieces, graphics, videos, and etc.

Assists with identifying and securing sponsors and partners for the Chapter and its events. 

LAGNIAPPE... a little something extra

If you are unable to commit to being part of a Krewe but would like to help out at an event, contact the ATDNOLA Board for more details.  

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