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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ATD? 

ATD (Association for Talent Development) is the world’s largest association dedicated to talent development professionals with more than 70 years of presence and nearly 40,000 members from thousands of organizations in the United States and internationally.

What is the New Orleans chapter of ATD? 

The New Orleans chapter of ATD is a group of local professionals that represent a large number of companies in the region.

What is the difference between the national and local chapter ATD organizations? 

National ATD has a remarkable supply of resources and offers relevant professional development opportunities such as certificate programs, conferences, and events. The local chapter focuses on the needs of its local members by providing workshops and seminars on current trends and issues, opportunities to connect and share best practices, connecting employers and job-seekers, and much more.

What can ATD NOLA chapter do for me? 

  • Stay Current – So you can provide more productive learning solutions, get access to excellent research material, play a leadership role in the profession, and grow and advance in your field. 
  • Increase Your Effectiveness – Saves you time, improves your solutions, enables you to come up with cutting edge solutions even with limited funds, allows access to on-demand development when you need it, and gives you a chance to benefit from best practices. 
  • Get Connected – Opportunities provided for networking with other professionals, attending conferences and seminars, meeting with workplace learning professionals, accelerating your time to proficiency, and getting answers to your specific questions. The annual Southwest Learning Summit and Exposition is another great development and networking opportunity. 
  • Develop Your Career – Career development offerings include CPLP resources and certification, global research community, certificate programs, and national and local job boards. The Southwest Learning Summit s another great development opportunity. 
  • Volunteer and Contribute – Give back to your profession, boost your credibility, learn new skills, receive further discounts if you are a chapter leader, and build leadership competency. 
  • Recognition – Motivate yourself and your organization and increase your productivity.

If I become a member of national ATD, does that mean I’m automatically a member of the NOLA chapter and vice versa? 

You can join the local ATD NOLA Chapter OR the national ATD organization OR BOTH. There are certainly benefits to membership in both organizations. In fact, when you join the ATD NOLA chapter you can receive a discount when you add a national membership.

How do I become a member? 

Join ATD NOLA Chapter on our website by clicking here.  Join the national ATD organization by going to their Become a Member page.

What is the cost of ATDNOLA membership? 

Pricing can be found on the Membership page. 

Can I join more than one chapter? 

Yes, a member may join as many chapters as he or she would like. To find a chapter near you, please visit the ATD Chapter Locator

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