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Below is our current Leadership Krewe for the ATDNOLA Chapter, also known as the Board of Directors.   Learn more about each role by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Leadership Krewe job Descriptions

President: Performs chapter management duties and has executive responsibility to provide the vision, structure, culture, and environment to enable the chapter to meet the mission and goals created by the team.

Past President: Assists the chapter president in performance of chapter management duties. Serves in an advisory capacity to the President and the chapter as a whole. He or She participates in the recruitment of Board members to lead the chapter in the succeeding year. He or She provides guidance and expertise as a knowledgeable member of the Board. He or She advises on past practices and operations in accordance with the chapter by-laws.

Vice President of Administration and Finance: Collects, records, and disseminates all matters of decision made by the chapter and maintains a source of information relative to the chapter’s functions, which includes the chapter code of ethics and bylaws and all matters pertaining thereto. This position also prepares an annual budget, collects and is custodian of all funds, keeps records of income and expenditures, provides monthly financial status reports to the Board, renders to the membership an annual report on all financial transactions, and provides data for any audits requested by the certified public accountant.

Vice President of Communications: Submits chapter meeting and event announcements to business/social media outlets and sends press releases regarding chapter activities and awards to appropriate media outlets. This position also is responsible to identify, implement and maintain website content, features, and other technologies that will support Board goals and improve member services.

Vice President of Programming: Arranges programs for chapter meetings, negotiates contracts with speakers, provides for professional development opportunities, arranges for facilities and equipment at all chapter functions, and communicates to the VP of Communications to ensure all chapter meeting notices are sent. 

Vice President of Membership: Designs and executes membership drives to recruit new ATD National and ATD NOLA Chapter members from the private and public sectors. He or She is responsible for on boarding all new members. He or She is the custodian of all membership records.

Board Member at Large (up to 3): These individuals will collaborate with the Board to support the ongoing initiatives of the Chapter.

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