The New Orleans Chapter is excited to announce that we will host a CPLP study group this summer to prepare you for testing in the fall. If you are interested in participating in the CPLP Study Group, contact .                       

Ready to begin your CPLP journey? Join us for the ATD Nola chapter Study Group which will comprise of 9-week study group sessions! Let us work together to help to achieve our professional and career goals! This study group is open to all chapter members free of charge as a chapter member benefit.

Not sure where to start, if you're qualified, how much will it cost, what is the study commitment? The very first thing we encourage you to do is thoroughly read the CPLP Certification Handbook at the official Get Started ATD homepage.

The kick off discussion and details will be provided at the June 22nd Lagniappe event at Pearl Wine Company register at our events page.


 Tentative Session Outline (all sessions will be bi-weekly on Monday from 5:30-7:30pm) 

In order to stay on track with the fall testing window and to review all Areas of Expertise (AOE), we will meet in-person bi-weekly on Monday’s each month beginning June 27th from 5:30-7:30pm (a formal calendar invite will follow with location).

Note, the pages outlined below are from the ATD Learning System—The Official Resource for CPLP Study. You may you purchase the ATD Learning System here 


                           ATD Competency Model                     (6/27 - Session 1) - AOE 1: Performance Improvement Review (pg. 25-113)

(7/11 - Session 2) - AOE 2: Instructional Design Review (pg. 121-227)

(7/25 - Session 3) - AOE 3: Training Delivery Review (pg. 235-322)

(8/1 - Session 4) - AOE 4: Training Technology Review (pg. 329-381)

(8/8 - Session 5) - AOE 5: Evaluating Learning Impact Review (pg. 387-466) and AOE 6 Managing Learning Programs Review

(pg. 473-583)

(8/22 - Session 6) - AOE 7: Integrated Talent Management Review (pg. 593-638) and AOE 8: Coaching Review (pg. 645-665)

(9/5 - Session 7) - AOE 9 Knowledge Management Review (pg. 669-724) and AOE 10 Change Management Review

(pg. 729-824)

(9/19 - Session 8) AOE 11 Global Mindset (pg. 833-911)

(10/3 - Session 9) Skills Application Exam (SAE) Review and Discussion



Testing Schedule

Note, the above study group schedule has been strategically devised to provide all candidates with the ability to test in the fall. See the full official schedule, testing location, and fees here.

ATD National Member: $900.00 USD
Nonmember: $1,250.00 USD

Fees Include:

Knowledge exam seat
Knowledge exam score report
Skills Application Exam (SAE) seat
SAE score report
CPLP certificate and lapel pin

Fees Do Not Include:

Study materials
Study group support or preparatory classes
Travel expenses to and from testing center
Other ancillary fees such as transfers, re-testing, test seat cancellations, etc.
* See the
CPLP Certification Handbook for a list of all program fees. 


Stud Group Program Goals

By the end of the CPLP study program, you will: 

  • Review the fundamental information identified by the CPLP competency model needed to sit for the CPLP Knowledge Exam in the fall. 
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and develop a personalized study plan to prepare for the CPLP Knowledge Exam. 
  • Create an action plan for your work product submission. 


Participant Requirements

In order to ensure your success in this study group you should be prepared to:

  • Own a copy of the ATD Learning System.    
  • Be an active member of the New Orleans Chapter of ATD to participate in the study groups.
  • Actively contribute to this group through discussions by providing insight and expertise. Be prepared to lead a brief review session in an AOE.
  • Participate in all sessions after the kick off. Although this program is part of a guided study, you will ultimately guarantee your success by being a strong self-directed learner.    

Who do I contact if I need more CPLP Study Group info?  

Please contact the VP of Programs:  Adriane Gonzalez, Email:

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