Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP)

CPLP Overview

What is the CPLP™?

The Certified Professional in Learning and Performance™ (CPLP™) offered by the ATD Certification Institute (CI) offers workplace learning and performance (WLP) professionals the opportunity to enhance credibility and prove value in an increasingly competitive marketplace. If you would like to learn more about the CPLP program, you can learn more at the ATD website: https://www.td.org/Certification.

What value can CPLP certification offer me?

A Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) credential identifies you as a learning expert. That means your enhanced skillset can be used to elevate your credibility, distinguish you and your organization, expand your career opportunities, and establish yourself as a training leader. CPLP gives you the capability, credibility and confidence to be a high performing contributor in your organization. Be one of the best -- become a CPLP!

Watch testimonial videos from CPLP credential holders! Testimonial Videos

How do I prepare?

1. Visit the official website: https://www.td.org/Certification

2. Use the interactive guide to determine how the certification process works, click here

3. Review the CPLP Certification Handbook located on the National ATD website. Next, you will want to register for the exam by completing the CPLP Application and paying your exam fee. 

4. Complete a practice exam with answer key to see how well you know the ATD competencies, click here.

5. Make the decision to take the exam and join the ATD-Nola Chapter Study group by emailing atd.nola.cplp@gmail.com.


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