Why Everyone Needs a Reverse Diverse Mentor: Making DEI Stick

  • 12 Aug 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM


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Why Everyone Needs a Reverse Diverse Mentor: Making DEI Stick

What Reverse Diverse Mentors Taught Our Executives, and What They Can Teach Yours

Leaders, what got us to 2021 won’t get us to 2025. New skills, new generations, and renewed emphasis on DEI are accelerating change. First, given the half-life of a skill is just 5 years, many of our own will be outdated. Second, Millennials and Gen Z – already 50% of today’s workforce – will make up two thirds by 2025. Third, the social injustices of 2020 have opened many eyes (and wounds) that won’t be shut. DEI is no longer a workplace preference; it’s a requirement.

To stay competitive and attract talent, you need to think differently about your workforce, its skills, and its values. Whether you’re new to DEI or a veteran, join us to learn how Reverse Diverse Mentoring can accelerate your DEI goals, drive meaningful cultural change, and lay a foundation to lead and be led by all future generations.

Walk away with tangible resources, including:

  • A Ready-to-Use Reverse Diverse Mentoring Pitch Deck
  • A Guide on How to Align Your Program to Executive Needs
  • A Guide on How to Recruit the Right Mentors

Bio: Mary Schlegel is a passionate leader, learner, and ally who takes pride in building human-centered programs that unleash the unique potential of each individual. As an LGBTQ+ woman of color and daughter to an immigrant mother and father with disabilities, Mary is a proud advocate for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. A leader on Labcorp’s Global Talent Management Team, she has been recognized for her work designing innovative learning solutions team and launching LabCorp’s Reverse Diverse Mentoring Program.

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