Board Role Descriptions  

  • The President Elect assists the chapter president in performance of chapter management duties, automatically succeeding to president. He/she participates in the recruitment of board members to lead the chapter the succeeding year.
  • The Past President shall assure that chapter officers fulfill operational and administrative requirements; serve as parliamentarian at chapter meetings; and maintain the chapter history.
  • The President shall schedule, create agenda for, and preside over Board Meetings; Ensure the achievement of the current Chapter objectives and the development of long-range plans by coordinating, monitoring, and coaching the performance of Chapter officers; Authorize all expenditures in excess of approved budgets; Act as the liaison for the Chapter on regional and national affairs of the American Society for Training and Development; Chair the Executive Committee; and, Serve on the Nominating Committee.
  • The Secretary shall collect, record, and disseminate all matters of decision made by the chapter and maintain a source of information relative to the chapter’s functions that shall include the chapter constitution and bylaws and all matters pertaining thereto.
  • The Vice President of Finance/Treasurer shall prepare an annual budget; collect and be custodian of all funds; keep records of income and expenditures; provide monthly financial status report to Board; render to the membership an annual report on all financial transactions; provide data for any audits requested by the Finance Committee; and serve on the Finance Committee.
  • The Vice President for Programs & Professional Development shall arrange programs for chapter meetings; provide for professional development opportunities; arrange for facilities and equipment at all chapter functions; ensure all chapter meeting notices are sent; and serve on the Program Committee.
  • The Vice President for Membership shall recruit new National and Chapter members from the private and public sectors; serve on the Membership Committee; and be custodian of all membership records.
  • The Vice President of Marketing/Communication/Social Media shall submit chapter meeting and event announcements to business/social media outlets; press releases regarding chapter activities and awards to appropriate media outlets; serve on the Marketing committee.
  • The Vice President of Technology Is responsible to identify, implement and maintain website content, features, and other technologies that will support board goals and improve member services. 
  • Director at Large (up to 3): These individuals will collaborate closely with the president in the administration of the ongoing activities of the association using the initiatives of the strategic plan as the framework. 


  • The Vice President of  Social Media shall publish newsworthy board and chapter activities through social media outlets and any other similar technology utilized by the chapter.
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